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Want to help women in need? Here’s your chance. The NHWBA and the New Hampshire Department of Corrections have jointly created the award-winning “Women to Women Project” to unite New Hampshire licensed attorneys with sentenced female inmates of the New Hampshire State Prison for Women. The purpose of the Project is to provide legal information on various topics of interest to the female inmates. The Project provides an opportunity for licensed practitioners to offer limited legal advice and information to an underserved population on a varied spectrum of legal issues.

Through the Project, the NHWBA Public Service Committee will facilitate limited bi-monthly, in-person, on-site information sessions for female inmates in various areas of the law, which will be hosted by the Department of Corrections at the New Hampshire State Prison for Women. The Project is intended to provide information only. Therefore, licensed attorneys who volunteer their time are not expected to represent inmates as clients in legal proceedings. Additionally, the Project is not intended to offer support, advice or information regarding any claims against or involving the Department of Corrections. Each information session will feature a specific topic or topics for discussion.

The information sessions will operate with a team of three to five volunteer attorneys attending each scheduled session. Ideally, each team of volunteers will include attorneys with backgrounds in some of the following fields: family law, criminal law, landlord/tenant law, collections law, juvenile law, health/disability law, and other general civil matters. Additionally, each team may include a representative from an interested governmental agency, such as the Department of Health and Human Services.

All licensed attorneys in New Hampshire are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Project. In order to participate, volunteering attorneys will have to be approved by the Department of Corrections and attend one training session.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the project within the next three years (no commitment necessary) should complete an application and come to a training session. The application should be submitted to the Department of Corrections. On the application, please indicate that your visit or contact with the inmates will be “professional attorney client privileged communications only.”

You must register 10 days in advance for a training session.

If you have any questions regarding this unique volunteer opportunity, please contact

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