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As a member-driven organization, we rely on our members to come together and help us to continue to bring new events, benefits and programming to our members. This work is done through the below committees. 

Interested in joining a committee? Just contact info@NHWBA.org!

Networking Committee

This committee plans social events which give members and non-members an opportunity to network. It organizes informal events, the Annual Fall Reception, the Annual Retreat, and more.

Laurie Smith Young is the current chair of this committee.

Programming Committee

This committee plans and offers events like CLE courses, educational seminars, and brown bag lunches throughout the state.

Shauna Segelke and Marrielle B. Van Rossum are the current co-chairs of this committee.

Public Service Committee

This committee directs NHWBA’s charitable efforts, public service events, and mentoring programs.

Katherine E. Hedges is the current chair of this committee.

Membership Committee

The focus of this committee is to make membership matter to our members by providing them with member benefits, networking opportunities, and relevant practical programs to foster their personal and professional growth. To this end, the Membership Committee focuses on acquiring diverse members from all practice areas, fosters new leaders in our membership, creates more pathways for participation in our membership, keeps our membership involved in the NHWBA, and works toward growing our membership.

Lindsay E. Nadeau is the current chair of this committee.

Public Relations Committee

This committee's purpose is to promote goodwill between the organization and the public by collecting, preparing and distributing appropriate information to the public, especially through social media. It also seeks to record preserve events of historical significance to the NHWBA.

Michaila M. Oliveira is the current chair of this committee.

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