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Marilla M. Ricker Achievement Award

Since 2000, the Marilla M. Ricker Achievement Award has been presented annually at NHWBA's Fall Reception. Its recipients are women lawyers who have achieved professional excellence, and paved the way to success for other women lawyers, or advanced opportunities for women in the legal profession, and/or performed exemplary public service on behalf of women.

You can learn more about Marilla M. Ricker, a woman of many New Hampshire legal firsts, here.

Nomination Process

The Award(s) will be presented at NHWBA’s Annual Fall Reception. Nominations will be accepted through June 12, 2020. NHWBA Board of Director members currently serving on the Board and/or who served on the Board during the most recent 2-year term are not eligible for the Award.

To nominate a woman lawyer: (1) Complete the Nomination Form (PDF/Word), (2) attach a copy of the nominee’s resume or biography and (3) describe in your own words how the nominee has achieved the following:

A. Achieved professional excellence AND

B. Paved the way to success for other women lawyers AND/OR

C. Advanced opportunities for women in the legal profession AND/OR

D. Performed exemplary public service on behalf of women.

The narrative should not exceed two typed pages and should contain concrete examples for at least one of the listed criteria. You may attach articles written by the nominee or other letters of support from individuals or organizations.

All nominations shall remain active for a period of three years. Materials may be submitted to update and/or supplement a nomination during that same time period.

Send the following nomination materials:

  1. Completed Nomination Form (Download in PDF or Word)
  2. Nominee’s Resume or Biography
  3. Award Criteria Narrative




NHWBA, Marilla M. Ricker Achievement Award
P.O. Box 915
Manchester, NH 03105-0915

Past Ricker Award Winners

Back (L to R): Marital Master Deborah Kane Rein, Jennifer Parent, Ellen Musinsky

Front (L to R): Hon. Jean K. BurlingMaureen Raiche Manning, Justice Carol Ann Conboy, Lucy C. Hodder

L to R:  Ellen Musinsky, Justice Carol Ann Conboy, Emily Rice, Deborah Rein, Connie Rakowsky, Lucy C. Hodder, Mary Susan Leahy, Jennifer Parent, Hon. Susan Carbon

Back (L to R): Carol Hess, Linda Johnson, Cathy Green, Representative Ann McLane Kuster, Deborah Rein, Connie Rakowsky, Emily Rice

Front (L to R): Ellen Musinsky, Hon. Jean K. Burling, Hon. Tina Nadeau, Justice Linda Dalianis, Justice Carol Ann Conboy, Hon. Susan Carbon, Jennifer Parent

Award Recipients

 2019 Maureen Raiche Manning
 2018  Catherine E. Shanelaris
 2017  Hon. Linda Stewart Dalianis
 2016  Jennifer L. Parent

 Jane E. Young

 2014  Carol L. Hess
 2013  Hon. Tina L. Nadeau
 2012  Connie Rakowsky
 2011  Lucy C. Hodder
 2010  Marital Master Deborah Kane Rein
 2009  Ellen J. Musinsky
 2008  Hon. Carol Ann Conboy
 2007  Sherilyn Burnett Young
 2006  Barbara Keshen
 2005  Mary Pilkington-Casey
 2004  Rep. Ann McLane Kuster
 2003  Hon. Jean K. Burling
 Emily G. Rice
 2002  Linda S. Johnson
 Deborah J. Cooper
 2001  Cathy J. Green
 Mary Susan Leahy
 2000  Hon. Susan B. Carbon
 Martha Van Oot

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